How to become a web developer that stands out from the crowd

I’m not gonna lie to you, to become a good web developer isn’t easy.

Knowing a little bit of HTML, Javascript and CSS isn’t enough. I’m writing this for those of you who want to learn how to become a web developer that can hold his own with the best in the world.

While it might take some time it is possible to teach yourself everything you need to know. If you put in the effort and focus on the right things you will get there.

Build a solid foundation

Even if you are an experienced developer it’s worth spending a little bit of time going back to basics and making sure you have a rock solid foundation.  These posts focus on the core technologies you need to understand if you plan on becoming a web developer.






Focus on the right things

As a web developer you are accustomed to the process of constantly having to learn and adapt to an ever changing technology landscape.

It is obvious that to keep your skills relevant and competitive you need to always be up to date with the latest technologies. If all you are doing is learning each new technology as it comes out you are fighting a loosing battle.

Instead make sure you focus on the underlying principles driving the technologies.





Find your niche

Building great products involves a lot more than just coding.  If you have an extra skill besides just being a great developer it will give you that extra edge over the competition.